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Wrocław - a multicultural metropolis, always regarded as a highly attractvie place, many nations wanted to possess it. It used to be Czech, Hungarian, German and finally became Polish. Wroclaw used to be home for Wallons, Jews, Italians and Flemings. The great history of the city is reflected in its numerous monuments which show us the picture of the city from 10th century till the present.

Wroclaw is often called "Polish Venice" since it has over 100 bridges over 5 rivers running through the city. Wroclaw is not only a great historical place but also a centre of art and culture with a lot of festivals, concerts or other culture events. You cannot be bored here!

Places you need to visit:
  • Market Square - one of the largest market squares in Europe, in medival times used as a market place and the centre of cultural life of the city and its citizens; together with the Old City Hall (Ratusz) is nowadays the most popular place in the city
  • Cathedral Island - a place where the history of Wroclaw began; according to the legends the name of the city comes from the name of Bohemian Prince Vratislav I who in the first half of the 10th century established a settlement here which then became a city
Below you can find:
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- the most cultural city in Poland. Try to find out how expressive is Wroclaw!.
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